The “Smart Manufacturing” revolution is already enabling manufacturers to reach this goal more successfully than ever and one of the core technologies driving this new wave of innovation is Industrial Artificial Intelligence. Data has become a highly valuable resource, and it’s cheaper than ever to capture and store. Today, more manufacturers than ever are leveraging that data to significantly improve.


Artificial intelligence is a game-changing technology for any industry. In manufacturing, it can be effective at manufacturing things, as well as making them better and cheaper. The manufacturing industry has always been eager to embrace new technologies – and doing so successfully. Now, with Shoofly AI adoption, they are able to make rapid, data-driven decisions, optimize manufacturing processes, minimize operational costs, and improve the way they serve their customers. This doesn’t mean that manufacturing will be taken over by the machines.

Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturers can leverage Shoofly’s technology to identify potential downtime and accidents by analyzing the sensor data. Shoofly AI systems help manufacturers forecast when or if functional equipment will fail so its maintenance and repair can be scheduled before the failure occurs. Manufacturers can improve efficiency while reducing the cost of machine failure.

Price Forecasting of Raw Material

The extreme price volatility of raw materials has always been a challenge for manufacturers. Businesses have to adapt to the unstable price of raw materials to remain competitive in the market. Shoofly AI can predict materials prices more accurately than humans that will help industries to better streamline their budgets.

Inventory Management

Shoofly Machine learning solutions can promote inventory planning activities as they are good at dealing with demand forecasting and supply planning. AI-powered demand forecasting services provide more accurate results than traditional demand forecasting methods engineers use in manufacturing facilities. These tools enable businesses to manage inventory levels better so that cash-in-stock and out-of-stock scenarios are less likely to happen.

Process Optimization

Shoofly AI powered services can help organizations optimize processes to achieve sustainable production levels. Manufacturers can utilise AI-powered process mining tools to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the organization’s processes. For instance, timely and accurate delivery to a customer is the ultimate goal in the manufacturing industry. These insights help streamline processes and identify where the bottlenecks are so that manufacturers can take action.

Making Use of Data

This sounds very general but in reality, there’s a whole variety of ways to use big data in manufacturing. Manufacturers collect vast amounts of data related to operations, processes, and other matters – and this data combined with advanced analytics can provide valuable insights to improve the business. Supply chain management, risk management, predictions on sales volume, product quality maintenance, prediction of recall issues – these are just some of the examples of how big data can be used to the benefit of manufacturers. Shoofly’s services can help you to unlock insights that were previously unreachable.

Customer Service

When you think about customer service, what industries come to your mind? Hospitality, retail, banking? They deal with customers directly, so customer service is a huge part of their business. In manufacturing, however, the importance of customer service is often overlooked. Which is a mistake as lost customers can mean millions of dollars in lost sales. Shoofly AI can analyze the behaviors of customers to identify patterns and predict future outcomes. Observing actual customer’s behaviour allows companies to better answer their needs.


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