The past year has ushered in essential healthcare innovations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has flourished in various healthcare applications, with big data taking on a vital role in predictive analytics.

Here’s a look at four innovative projects that would enhance the field:

1. 3D Printed Smart Hand

The project aims to help amputees. The aid includes a 3D printed flexible hand that is provided with motorized exoskeletons. The subjects must use optical see-through glasses (OSTG), equipped with a front camera to control them.  Currently, in development this project might even help those with paralysis.

2. Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) services utilize the technology present in a person’s daily life to help senior citizens live autonomously. The devices use sensor technology, NLP, and computer vision to provide company to them and recognize anomalies such as when someone is lying motionless.

3. Automated Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is the methodical study of walking patterns that involves expensive marker-based methods in conjunction with multiple cameras. They provide kinematic data that precisely measures the walking behavior of a person. Once the data is collected, experts interpret the readings to make diagnoses. 

4. Cancer Detection

In this project, AI is used to detect abnormalities in radiographs. It analyzes images and identifies potential abnormalities. This project would speed up work drastically and increase their accuracy since some cancers can be easily missed even with the trained eye. Similarly, an article published in Nature in 2020 on the application of AI in breast cancer screening listed a decline in both false positives and false negatives when examined against a standard radiologist screening.