AI is becoming more important in healthcare due to its ability to make data-based decisions quickly and accurately. A lot of data is being generated at hospitals. Shoofly can help you utilize that data to generate insights, identify patterns, detect individual patient’s behavior and suggest treatment plans/changes.


The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare has the potential to assist healthcare providers in many aspects of patient care and administrative processes. Shoofly’s services in healthcare can not only be beneficial to the patients but also to healthcare companies, which can save time and money performing basic tasks, non-patient care activities.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records have played an instrumental role in the healthcare industry’s journey towards digitalization, but this has brought along cognitive overload, endless documentation, and user burnout. Shoofly can develop AI for you to create more intuitive interfaces and automate some of the routine processes that consume so much of a user’s time like clinical documentation, order entry, and sorting through their inbox mail.

Better Decision Making

When you do data driven decision making, it can really help to improve the facility provided to the patients by assisting in better healthcare services with the correct and timely decision. Predictive analytics supports clinical decision-making and also arranges administrative tasks according to priorities. Pattern recognition can be used to analyze the patients at risk of generating a situation-degrade lifestyle due to environmental or other factors.

Image Analysis

Images are the largest source of data in healthcare and, at the same time, one of the most difficult sources to analyze. Clinicians today must rely largely on medical image analysis performed by overworked radiologists and sometimes analyze scans themselves. Shoofly’s modules that mainly focus on computer-vision and deep learning help doctors by highlighting certain image features, identify early predictors of cancer, prioritize cases, and cut down on the volume of labor required to perform accurate diagnoses.

Customer Service Chatbots

AI powered Chatbots are used by businesses to automate responses to solve customer queries and in data collection, keeping the patients updated about their questions regarding bill payment, appointments, or medication refills. They can serve clients 24/7 and retain their data for future use. Also, the applications of chatbots are huge and the amalgamation of Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is the new game-changer to improve the healthcare industry.

Treatment Plans

Shoofly also helps in defining treatment plans for patients by providing a health database of patients. As is, the patient has any health issues before, which health diagnosis has done before, etc. With the help of this EHR, Doctors will be able to provide quick diagnoses and be able to treat the patients better.

Fraud detection

Patients may make false claims. Shoofly AI-powered fraud detection service can help hospital managers to identify fraudsters. The predictive and prescriptive analysis that is being provided by the shoofly can help you detect the fraud from the multiple sources. It also helps you to get anomaly detection of fake claims, payment frauds, fake account identification etc.


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