The impact of artificial intelligence in Education is changing the entire ecosystem. It helps teachers automate administrative tasks and focus more on critical tasks such as spending more time with students.The academic world is getting more high tech with a convenient and personalized teaching experience thanks to the numerous applications of Artificial Intelligence in education. AI is helping break geographic barriers, also in some ways eliminating the need to attend classroom training.


Artificial Intelligence is bringing a new impact on the Education system and it completely changes the ways of studying. In this digital world, students and teachers are taking so many advantages from this and improving their skills and learning techniques. Besides this, the technology has also changed the way teachers used to teach; they can now use real-life examples to make their students learn better and quicker. Shoofly AI can help Schools/Colleges/Universities to innovate and automate, reducing hours of work and help students become ready for the future.

Automated Student Feedback

Shoofly AI can notify teachers whenever an issue with student performance occurs. We can also create a system that will give teachers feedback on what topics to cover and what gaps to fill. There are also approaches that utilize face recognition to see the reactions of students during the lecture to identify areas for improvement and check student satisfaction.

Drowsiness Detection

Shoofly AI service of drowsiness detection can be helpful for the educational institute to detect whether a student is feeling drowsy in a class. The objective is to build a drowsiness detection system that will detect that a person’s eyes are closed for a few seconds. This system will alert the student as well as teacher when drowsiness is detected. The AI will also provide reasons for this like environmental and suggest changes helping students to focus.

Simplifying Administrative Tasks

Shoofly AI can automate the expedition of administrative duties for teachers and academic institutions. Educators spend a lot of time on grading exams, assessing homework, and providing valuable responses to their students. But AI can be used to automate the grading tasks where multiple tests are involved. This means that teachers would have more time with their students rather than spending long hours doing administrative tasks.

AI Tutors

Teachers are often quite unable to decide which methods of teaching will resonate with the majority of their students. Shoofly can help you to make these decisions. While there are obviously things that human tutors can offer that machines can’t, at least not yet, the future could see more students being tutored by tutors that only exist in zeros and ones. Shoofly designed tutoring programs based on artificial intelligence can help students through basic mathematics, writing, and other subjects.

Secure Online Exams

Shoofly provides institutions and universities around the globe the AI-powered assessment tools. These can allow you to carry out tests online. AI can prepare exercises itself using a pre-set question bank that the teachers design. Once the students finish their tests, AI can assess the result as well. What’s great about these types of exams is that they are more secure than regular examinations. The AI can offer smart settings and configurations that you can utilize when assigning tests to selected users. These tools reduce the chances of students to cheat by a huge factor.

Facial Recognition

Shoofly provides academic institutions AI-powered facial scans to identify students. This not only eliminates the need for student IDs but also has various other research, security and administrative uses. For instance, these scanners are replacing the students’ ID cards when they are entering or exiting the premises, or when they want to take a book from the library. Moreover, Institutions worldwide can also use these facial scans to prevent crime and identify the students when they do some harm.


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