Banks/Finance have been some of the earliest adopters of information technology for processes. Naturally banks are looking at better ways to understand customers and retain them. Shoofly can help these institutions achieve AI goals.


Banks/Finance institutions are collating and utilizing their internal data such as debit and credit transactions, purchase history and patterns to find the insights from it. Analytical methods used to derive value from the data are hypothesis testing, crowdsourcing, data fusion and integration, machine learning, natural language processing, signal processing, simulation, time series analysis and visualization.

Credit Scoring and Churn Prediction

Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning churn forecast considers each customer making an advance application for the loan. Shoofly gives you a great marketing campaign based on real customer preferences and understands how to target them in case there is a risk of churn. Churn forecast with Artificial intelligence permits decreasing the quantity of lost customers by 45% and enables the entire promoting and deals crusade.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection is a big topic in banking. A team of shoofly specialists is able to flag suspicious transactions in a bank’s client data and build models that can determine the probability of activity being fraudulent with high confidence. The predictive and prescriptive analysis that is being provided by the shoofly can help you detect the fraud from the multiple sources. It also helps you to get anomaly detection from the payment fraud and helps you to reduce fake claims.

AI in Corporate Finance

AI is especially useful in corporate finance as it can more readily anticipate and survey credit hazards. For organizations hoping to expand their worth, AI technologies can help improve loan underwriting and reduce financial risk. AI can also lessen financial crime through detecting anomalous activity as on the company accountants, treasurers,  analysts, and investors work toward long-term growth.

AI-Based Reporting and Analysis

In the past if you wanted to see your bank balance or your cash flow then there was a very long process. Now with AI in financial service and shoofly automated systems, you can analyze consumers’ individual account data to see how they’re performing financially and make recommendations on future actions based on the results, and then help with automation for savings and budgeting for better financial health and behavior.

AI and Risk Management

It’s difficult to overestimate the impact of AI in financial services when it comes to risk management. Artificial intelligence in finance is a powerful ally when it comes to analyzing real-time activities in any given market or environment; the accurate predictions and detailed forecasts it provides are based on multiple variables and vital to business planning. Shoofly helps in developing the Risk management system that helps to gain a competitive advantage and use risk to power their organizations performance.

Customer Service

Customers will not hang tight for a reaction for quite a long time, even minutes. On the off chance that they get the required data quicker, you have more opportunities to make an arrangement. Chatbots fueled with artificial intelligence and ML will react in no time. With the developing rivalry available, brisk client commitment will be an unquestionable requirement that at no other time. Shoofly creates AI powered Response systems that run on the lines of your company’s policy and provides quick solutions to customers.


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