About Us

We employ open-source AI algorithms, proprietary enterprise tools and implement predictive analytics to predict and solve your business challenges. Empower your company by deploying Artificial Intelligence models specific to your industry. Whether it be healthcare, human capital, manufacturing, transportation, or any other industry, our intelligent technology will help your company discover its best self.



The product uses advanced technological innovations in AI/ML to generate insights that help in data driven decisions. 


Our robust and sophisticated AI engine works continuously to provide real time analysis and beyond what is generally visualised.

Public Data

Our systems are connected to major public data services. We make the most use of public data available to make the analysis more intelligent. 


We are solving Many problems in major domains. We keep on adding more problems and more industries/domains as we go.


With technological to domain experts, our team is more than capable of solving the most complex problems faced by the industries.

Our Approach 

Our proprietary AI tools, created by our staff of multiple Ph.D scientists, allows companies to quickly and cost-effectively deploy AI in their enterprises.

We customize our solution for each client ingesting their proprietary data sources and merging them with public and consortium data to deliver revolutionary insights.

Getting started is fast and our tools and methodologies are priced for even mid-sized companies’ budget.

Why Us?

Shoofly is the perfect solution for your business to empower you to leverage artificial intelligence. Our global team has decades of experience with AI, data science and emerging technologies. It is our mission to help your organization differentiate, grow and evolve with our solutions.

  • Economical proprietary ai platform that saves you time.
  • Rapid integration of your data sources with public and consortium data.
  • Explainable AI that allows your executives and team to understand insights.
  • Localized solutions for most countries or industries.
  • Leverage the most powerful public AI agents (i.e. XGBoost and doc2vec)
  • Implemented with best-in-class visualization tools.
  • Proven professional services to customize for clients.

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